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The GoPro HERO5 has Leaked!

The GoPro HERO5 has Leaked!

Just few days after we covered the potential leak of the GoPro Karma drone, it would appear that the forthcoming GoPro HERO5 has leaked as well, and interestingly the source is the same Twitter user who leaked the Drone, Konrad Iturbe. Itrube posted the following video on his Vimeo page:

The Video shows the HERO5, which appears to feature a touchscreen being navigated to it’s connectivity settings, and has the appearance of a tutorial video for the device. Also present on the ‘Devices’ screen of the connectivity options is something called the ‘GoPro Sniper’, we can only speculate what this might be but my guess would be a handheld grip style mount for the camera, complete with wireless controls.

The final speculation about the device pictured in the video concerns it’s physical design. It is very uniform and appears to feature very few joins between physical elements, so perhaps it features a level of waterproofing that doesn’t require the traditional GoPro dive housing. We have seen this before on the GoPro HERO Session, although waterproofing was only down to 10m.

Look out for more information towards the end of the month, perhaps we will see the HERO5 and the Karma Drone released together.

Via: Photographybay.

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