Fuji Patents 100mm F/2 Lens 1/1.2″ Sensors, 270mm Equivalent!

Fuji Patents  100mm F/2 Lens 1/1.2″ Sensors, 270mm Equivalent!

A Patent has been published showing the formula for a Fuji 100mm f/2 lens designed for use in 1/1.2″ sensor systems. The strange aspect of this patent of course is the sensor size, it is rarely seen outside the world of  cellphone cameras, and therefore why Fuji would be working on a lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 270mm for such systems os a bit of a mystery. It isn’t the only 1/1.2″ patent we have seen from fuji either, last year they patented a 7.8mm f/2.6 for 1/1.2″ sensors which is at least much more in keeping with traditional cellphone camera focal lengths. Check out the patent details below:


  • Patent Publication No. 2016-148793
    • Published 2016.8.18
    • A wish day 2015.2.13
  • Example 1
    • b 0 -0.02 -0.05
    • A focal length f 100.0 97.48 94.90
    • FNo. 1.93 1.97 2.01
    • 画角 2h 10.8 10.6 10.2
    • Inner focus (the second group)

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Via: Egami.

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