GoPro Karma Drone Controller Leaked?

GoPro Karma Drone Controller Leaked?

It looks like the controller for the forthcoming GoPro Karma drone has leaked within the last couple of days. We have already reported on a possible leak of the Drone within the last couple of months, and now we can get a close-up look at the control unit.


The leaked images show a matt black controller with twin thumb-sticks, a power button, start/stop button and home button on the top plate as well as what appears to be a speaker grill. Mounted on the shoulders of the controller are a Record/stop button, a rotary control wheel presumably to control the camera angle and a third button which is unidentifiable in the image but could reasonably be a function or modifier button. The biggest feature of the leaked controller though has to be the folding touchscreen. Where as companies like DJI require the pilot to connect an Ipad or Iphone to their controller to perform live viewing duties, it looks like GoPro have decided to spare users the extra expense and include their own touch screen built-in.

We are expecting the Karma Drone to be announced alongside the two forthcoming GoPro Hero 5 action cameras, and with the Interdrone drone conference just over a week away, perhaps we wont have too long to wait to find out more!

Via: AA Drone Solutions,

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