Nikon Patent 43mm F/1.8 VR Lens for APS-C Cameras

Nikon Patent 43mm F/1.8 VR Lens for APS-C Cameras

A Nikon patent has been published which appears to show the formula for a 43mm F1.8 Lens with built in Vibration Control for APS-C cameras. It is unclear from the patent wording if 43mm is the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lens, which would make it a 27mm f/1.8, or if 43mm is the lenses true focal length, giving a 35mm equivalent of 69mm when used an an APS-C sensor camera. Check out the patent details below:

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-156941
    • Published 2016.9.1
    • A wish day 2015.2.24
  • Example 1
    • f 1.00
    • Fno 1.88
    • O 26.41
    • And 0.495
    • BF 0.133
    • BF (air conversion) 0.124
    • TL 2.683
    • TL (air conversion) 2.674
  • Nikon patent
    • Inner focus
    • Vibration control

Via: Egami.

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