We Told You it was Canon’s New Mirrorless! Leaked Sketches may Reveal the EOS M5

We Told You it was Canon’s New Mirrorless! Leaked Sketches may Reveal the EOS M5

Back in June the internet went into a frenzy as professional windsurfer Levi Siver unwittingly leaked the Canon EOS 5D Mark 5 to the world whilst shooting promotional footage for Canon’s newest full-frame camera. Mr White and I however noticed something else interesting about the picture within which the new 5D was leaked, it contained a second camera:


At the time, we thought this curiously small camera, devoid of manufacturer markings could be Canon’s long rumored full frame mirrorless. Fast forward two months and the following sketches have appeared which claim to show a Canon mirrorless camera which is currently being called the M5:


Looks familiar doesn’t it? The camera revealed in the newly leaked sketches in fact bears a striking resemblance to the camera which we spotted alongside the 5D Mark IV back in June.

The new sketches show a compact camera with a suitably retro aesthetic, complete with three control dials, an articulating LCD screen and an electronic viewfinder, all point scoring new features for Canon’s EOS M5. We will have to wait another week for an announcement, expected on September 15th and there are sure to be many fresh leaks over the coming days.

Be sure to check out our original post about Canon’s new mirrorless, and stay tuned!

Via: CR.

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