Hands On With Sigma’s New Cine Lenses

The folks at Newsshooter.com have posted an interesting video from a Pre-IBC sit down with the new Sigma cinema lenses. There has been a lot of buzz about these lenses this week because the price/performance ratio is expected to be very good. On top of that, for lenses of such a wide aperture (t/1.5 and t/2), these are remarkably small. I expect these to sell by the bucked load based on the online buzz this week.

The video reveals that yes, these are optically identical to the still lenses, but disappointingly this means the zooms will exhibit focus breathing and won’t be quite parfocal. I guess you can’t have it all at this kind of expected price point.

Sigma Cine lenses

  • Sigma 18-35mm T/2
  • Sigma 50-100mm T/2
  • Sigma 24-35mm T/2.2 FF
  • Sigma 20mm T/1.5 FF
  • Sigma 24mm T/1.5 FF
  • Sigma 35mm T/1.5 FF
  • Sigma 50mm T/1.5 FF
  • Sigma 85mm T/1.5 FF

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