Tokina Launches New Full Frame Cinema Primes + Updated 16-28 Zoom

Tokina Launches New Full Frame Cinema Primes + Updated 16-28 Zoom

The lens war being waged at the IBC trade show this week is exceptionally good news for filmmakers, and it’s been a long time coming. In the last five years we have seen the cost of large sensor video cameras plummet, but lenses to go on these cameras have remained at much higher price points. All that is changing this year though, and every major lens manufacturer has now unveiled new cinema zoom or primes in the past few months.

On top of the plummeting price for good quality cinema lenses, we also have the shift in sensor size from the previous standard of Super 35, to the increasingly popular VistaVision standard, which is essentially what stills folks would call “full frame”. That change will continue over the next few years, but lens manufacturers are starting to cater for this change now. It makes sense, even “cheap” cine lenses are $4000 and not many people will want to buy them if they see them becoming obsolete in a year or two.

This brings me onto Tokina’s latest release. At IBC they have unveiled a “holy trinity” prime set of T1.5 lenses – 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. These are full frame primes with either PL, EF or Sony E-Mount. Unlike Sigma’s latest offerings in this area, these are not re-housed still lens optics, rather, these have been designed from the ground up for cinema use so that they exhibit no focus breathing. On top of the three primes, they are also launching a second version of the 16-28 T3 zoom which Tokina say will be a perfect match to the primes. With those four lenses covering you from 16-85mm in full frame terms. Lenses will ship in early 2017 for about $3499 ($4499 for the 85mm).

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