Canon Patents New Lens For G1 X Mark III?

Canon Patents New Lens For G1 X Mark III?

The current Canon G1 X Mark II features a 24-120mm f/2-3.9 lens in 35mm equivalent terms with it’s 1.5″ sensor. This week, Canon have patented a new a new 24-120mm f/2-5.8 lens. Could this be for the G1 X Mark III?  Such a lens would be physically smaller than the one in the current camera, and likely would allow the lens to retract almost entirely into the camera’s body, making the camera considerably more pocket-friendly.

The G1 X Mark II was launched in 2014, so a replacement is overdue. What I’m not sure about though is the fact that many reviewers already called the f/3.9 lens in the Mark II “slow”. Whilst I can see the practical benefits of a smaller lens for this kind of camera, I can’t help but think every single review of such a camera would slam it for having a slower lens…

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-166972
    • Published 2016.9.15
    • Filing date 2015.3.10
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 4.71
    • Focal length 13.85 36.00 65.22
    • F-number 2.07 5.15 6.00
    • Angle of view 36.23 18.00 10.17
    • Image height 10.14 11.70 11.70
    • Overall length of the lens 86.64 94.70 104.04
    • BF 13.07 24.04 23.10

Via: Egami