Nikon KeyMission Promo Videos, KeyMission 360 Still a Dud

Nikon KeyMission Promo Videos, KeyMission 360 Still a Dud

You may remember that back when the KeyMission 360 was announced our very own Mr. White got his hands on some preview videos and was less than impressed with the image quality. Fast forward to the release of the KeyMission 170 and KeyMission 80 and we have a bunch of new promo material on our hands. The KeyMisson 170 and 80 look reasonable, producing decent image quality when weighed against their price and purpose. The KeyMission 360 however still looks pretty terrible, the loss of image quality towards the edges of the frame in the promo material is jarring to say the least, some of the original stitching issues seem to have been dealt with but I can’t help wondering why Nikon would put their name to something that produces such poor quality video.

Check out the promo videos below, and let us know what you think. I certainly can see the appeal of the KeyMission 170, the KeyMission 80 still feels like a bit of an oddball device to me, part cellphone camera, part keyring , I can however see the appeal of having something to strap to your backpack webbing to quickly snap those unexpected moments along the way and I won’t write it off until I have had a chance to play with one. The 360 however? Thats a fail i’m afraid Nikon.


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