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First Hint of OMD E-M1 II Pricing…. €1.999!?

First Hint of OMD E-M1 II Pricing…. €1.999!?

Dutch camera Store has listed the yet to be released Olympus OMD E-M1 II on their web-store and has included a suggested price of €1.999,00 for the firm’s forthcoming flagship MFT camera. It is unclear whether this represents official Olympus pricing for the camera or if Fotokonijenberg are just having a guess at what shooters might be expected to pay to get their hands on the new unit. Whatever the truth, there is no doubting that the increase of €500 over the OMD E-M1’s release price of €1.499,00, and the implications that has for North American pricing are a little scary! Let’s hope Olympus don’t increase the price quite so much!

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