Sony to Update Pre-A99II Camera Menus

Sony to Update Pre-A99II Camera Menus

The Sony menu system is a thing of vast mystery, complex, dense, and much bemoaned by shooters who have attempted to plumb its murky depths. The Newly announced A99II however features a new, more approachable menu system and rumors have started to appear suggesting that Sony may be preparing to roll out the new system to older cameras via a firmware update. A SAR reader reported the following:

I spoke with a Sony Rep. @ photokina yesterday. I asked if he could give any insights regarding the Sony A7x systems. He said “In a month there will be a new firmware update that redesigns the menu system.” That’s all he said he could tell me. Lets hope this is true!

Whether this turns out to be true or not is yet to be seen, but I am sure there are plenty of Sony shooters who would appreciate a slight refresh of the current clunky system!

Via: SAR.