Canon EOS C100 Mark III Coming at NAB 2017?

Canon EOS C100 Mark III Coming at NAB 2017?

Update: NAB 2017 came and went without a peep from Canon, but then they launched the C200 just prior to the CineGear show. More details about he C200 can be found here, and you can order the 4K, internal RAW recording beast from B&H. Here at RDC, we’re very excited about this camera. In a very uncharacteristically Canon move, they really pulled out all the stops, and added many features that aren’t even available on the C300 Mark II!

Original Post

Back in July this year we heard some vague whisperings about what we could expect form the next entry in Canon’s popular C100 range of Cinema cameras. The rumor at the time merely suggested that the camera would feature 4k video, and as we pointed out, the idea of Canon releasing a cinema camera that did not feature 4K was pretty ludicrous and therefore the ‘rumor’ was probably more of an educated guess. We stipulated however that the camera would probably be released in time for Photokina; The original C100 was released on August 29th 2012, and the Mark II debuted on October the 21 2014 so Photokina seemed reasonable given the cameras two year update cycle, add to that the fact that Canon dropped the price of the C100 Mark II by $1500 in July and you have a recipe for an upcoming release. We now know of course that the C100 Mark II was not announced, Canon instead choosing the release the C700 and the XC15, perhaps diverting valuable resources towards the development of the C700 is one of the reasons why we are yet to see a C100 Mark II successor.

Whatever the reasons are for the delay, there is no doubt that the C100 Mark II is due an update; It is now the only ‘current’ model in Canon’s Cinema EOS family that does not record 4K, our best guess is that the announcement will not be made until the run-up to NAB 2017 in April next year.

We expect to hear more information on the C100 Mark III in the new year, so stay tuned!

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