Leica may ‘Skip’ the new X Vario

Leica may ‘Skip’ the new X Vario

Back in August we received news that Leica has discontinued the Leica X Vario APS-C compact camera, a model which proved unpopular amongst Leica fans who widely lamented its slow f/3.5-6.4 lens. The timing of the discontinuation of the X Vario however, being in the run up to Photokina raised the possibility that a new version could be on the way.

Today however we have received details of an interview from Photokina with Leica’s Dr. Andreas Kauffman in which he suggests that the company are no longer going to be manufacturing cameras for the X Vario line:

Enche Tjin: How about Leica T ? and How about Leica X and X Vario line? I heard that X Vario is your favorite camera.

Dr. Andreas Kauffman: The T system is renamed to TL because SL and TL share the same L-mount. Basically T/TL is the APS-C system. When the T system comes into the market, we have the SL already in focus. That’s why the mount is the same, only for the smaller sensor. So I think you will see certain things with the TL, and the X. We have the X but what we skip is Leica Vario. Unfortunately so because I think it is probably the best zoom lens in APS-C system.

When I travel, I am an amateur photographer, and when I want to travel light I usually take my Leica Vario.  It fulfills all of the needs of an amateur photographer. We were in Scotland for instance. I took my X Vario with me, and after that I printed out a photo book for my family; beautiful pictures.

Maybe our marketing for X Vario could’ve been enhanced. And so, at the end we need to decide. Remember we are a small to medium sized enterprise. We have a huge range of products, maybe the biggest in the industry because we still also do an analogue camera. And sometimes you have to decide against your own personal wish. Okay, it is a great product, but it’s is the end of the lifecycle. We need to move on.

The Leica X Vario is still available from B&H Photo and Amazon.com, but once the final stock of the camera has been sold through it will sadly be gone.

Via: Leicarumors.

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