Is Canon FINALLY Going to Add Focus Peaking to DSLRS?

Is Canon FINALLY Going to Add Focus Peaking to DSLRS?

The lack of focus peaking on Canon DSLRs has been a pet peeve of mine for many years. It’s such a simple feature, and yet Canon have so far failed to implement it on any DSLR, even ones like the 5D Mark IV which they claim to be cameras suitable for professional filmmakers.

For those that don’t know, focus peaking is simply a visual tool that outlines the in-focus areas of an image on the LCD screen to aid with manual focusing.

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  • Patent Publication No. 2016-158106
    • Published 2016.9.1
    • Filing date 2015.2.24
  • Canon patent
    • To get the distance information of the object
    • To generate a waveform image showing the degree of focusing of the object based on the high-frequency component
    • To vary the color of the waveform

The peaking is the ability to color the edge of the high frequency part. That is, if the colored, it is that there is a high possibility that is in focus. However, since it is determined by the high-frequency component, there is also a case is independent of the focus, you may not get the exact focus.

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