GoPro Recalls Karma Quadcopter

GoPro Recalls Karma Quadcopter

Bad news today for early adopters of GoPro’s new Karma Quadcopter, the action camera giant has initiated a global recall and halted all sales of the company’s new drone after reports of in-flight failures.

It is unclear how many of the units already sold are affected, but due to the safety risks associated with a drone dropping out of the sky without warning GoPro have been forced to take action.

Customers who have already purchased a Karma will be able to receive a full refund, regardless of when the drone was purchased, but GoPro are currently not offering replacement units.

It is unclear exactly how long it will be before the Karma is deemed safe to be returned to market, but this is sure to be a huge blow for GoPro who are already facing a drop in sales and a fall in share prices.

DJI, who recently announced the Mavic Pro, a folding drone that could be seen as the main competition to the Karma will likely be the main beneficiary of the Karma catastrophe; Some potential buyers who are on the fence about which of the two drones they would like to purchase are sure to be ordering the Mavic Pro today purely because it is currently available.

To participate in the recall visit:

Check out the DJI Mavic Pro at the following links:

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