Leica M10 Photos Leaked!

Leica M10 Photos Leaked!

Last week we brought you news that a mysterious M10 camera from Leica was undergoing the approval process for wireless devices in China, and today, photos of the camera have been leaked.

Two interesting things come out of this confirmation: Firstly, there’s clearly an ISO dial on the camera next to the viewfinder, something no digital Leica has carried before. Secondly, the name of the camera really does appear to be the M10. This is odd because Leica gave up on the M7, M8, M9 naming scheme a few years ago in favour of the Leica M (Typ240) style of naming. It’s not yet clear whether Leica are going to eat crow entirely and move back to the arguably easier MXX naming methodology, or whether they are going to split things apart and use M10 for the older simpler cameras like the M (typ262).

No word yet on when this camera will be announced…

Via: Nokishita

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