DJI Announce the 5.2K Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro and new Camera Units

DJI Announce the 5.2K Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro and new Camera Units

With the competition quite literally falling from the sky, DJI are in prime position  to cement their position as the of top dogs of the consumer and prosumer drone market, and it appears that that exactly what the manufacturer has plans. Following hot on the heels of the Mavic Pro, today DJI have announced details of not one, but two new drones and two new camera units.

Zenmuse X4S

The Zenmuse X4S camera is designed to be used with DJI’s range of Inspire prosumer drones; The X4S features an impressive 20MP 1-inch sensor and a 24mm fixed lens (35mm equivalent) with a fast f/2.8 aperture. The headline feature here however is the new mechanical shutter, the first of it’s kind on a DJI unit, which the company claim ‘cancels rolling shutter distortion’, a common complaint of drone videographers and photographers. DJI are also claiming 11+ stops of dynamic range, impressive stuff! Pre-order yours below!


Zenmuse X5S

Next up we have the high end Zenmuse X5S camera, a larger M4/3 sensor unit featuring a 20.8MP sensor and compatibility with a number of M4/3 lenses. The X5S features over 12 stops of dynamic range and can shoot RAW stills at 20fps. The X5S also features a mechanical shutter system but the headline here has to be the video specs; When mounted on the new Inspire 2 drone (with onboard image processor) the X5S can capture 5.2K RAW video in 12bit Adobe CinemaDNG. No word yet on AF performance or compatibility with the Inspire 1, so look out for further details as they emerge. Pre-order yours below!


Inspire 2

The inspire 2 features a number of key upgrades over its predecessor, the image processing unit mentioned above, named CineCore 2.0 is built into the Inspire 2’s airframe and allows for data processing speeds of up to 4.2Gbps! This allows for capture of those impressive 5.2K RAW videos when used alongside the X5S camera unit. Those happy to record in 4K have plenty of format options to choose from as well including ProRes 4444 XQ and storage of these undoubtedly large video files is handled by the Inspires new proprietary CINESSD storage system, available in 120GB and 480GB sizes. It looks like the new cards are unfortunately not backwards compatible with the older X5R system.

Another key new addition for the Inspire 2 is its integrated forward facing camera, which finally allows a pilot and a camera operator to work together with independent viewpoints of the task at hand. For this purpose the Inspire 2 can be connected to two controllers, one to fly, one to film and the drone is even available packaged with two controllers out of the box. The Inspire 2 also features a dual battery set-up providing inflight redundancy in the case of a failure during operation, and a number of updates to onboard sensors allowing the drone to map it’s surroundings in 3 dimensions for collision avoidance purposes.

The inspire 2 is available for pre-order for $2,999 for the drone only, no camera included, or bundled with the Zenmuse X5S and software licences for CinemaDNG and ProRes for $6,198, or a reduced price of $5,999 if you order before January 1st. Bundles should ship in time for christmas and drone only packages and individual camera units should ship in January. Check out Pre-Orders below:

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Phantom 4 Pro

The Phantom 4 Pro is, as the name suggests an update to the venerable Phantom 4. The Pro features a built-in camera with a 1-inch 20MP sensor capable of capturing over 11 stops of dynamic range. This new camera unit also gains the mechanical shutter system to eliminate rolling shutter distortion. Video can be captured in 4K at up to 60fps and the data transfer rate is up to 100Mbps from the Phantom 4’s 60Mbps. There are numerous updates to collision detection, mapping, and auto flight systems. The Pro also gets a new controller unit featuring an optional monitor, Micro-SD card slot, HDMI port and built-in GPS.

The Phantom 4 Pro is available for pre-order for $1,499 With the normal controller and  the Phantom 4 Pro +, which includes the optional screen can be pre-ordered for $1,799. Both will ship towards the beginning of next week. Grab yours below:

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