Canon Patents 135mm f/2 Lens With Apodization Filter

Canon Patents 135mm f/2 Lens With Apodization Filter

Canon has been granted a patent for a new 135mm optical design that contains an apodization filter. The lens is an EF mount lens with an aperture of f/2. Will this lens replace the now ageing Canon 135mm f/2?  Typically, lenses with an apodization filter have been sold as excellent portrait lenses, which is certainly the strength for the 135mm f/2 lens, so it’s a distinct possibility that this will be the replacement.

An APD filter is essentially a circular graduated ND filter that sits within the lens and helps to smooth out the transition of bokeh highlights, and also add san overall smoothing effect to foreground and background blur. If you aren’t familiar with APD filters, you might want to check out our Knowledge Base article that includes some samples handed out by Sony with their recent APD-equipped lens: What Is an Apodization Filter?

Patent publication number 2016-218444 (Google Translate)

  • Release date 2016.12.22
  • Application date 2015.5.20
  • Focal length 130.98
  • F number 2.06
  • Field of View 9.38
  • Image height 21.64
  • Lens total length 159.05
  • BF 53.99
  • Even when there is vignetting, a good blurred image at all angle of view