DXO Complete Their Sony A99 II Test

DXO Complete Their Sony A99 II Test

DxO have completed their test of Sony’s new SLT the A99 II. The camera receives high praise for its autofocus and low-light performance, but the translucent mirror means it falls slightly short of its mirrorless cousin the A7R Mark II in the image quality stakes:

The Sony SLT A99 II is the Japanese electronic giant’s latest full-frame, DSLR-style, interchangeable-lens camera. Packing a 42Mp backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor, the A99 II offers a significant jump in resolution over its predecessor and achieves an impressive overall DxOMark score of 92 points. Benefiting from a pixel arrangement that increases the volume and quality of light captured by its imaging elements, a BSI sensor improves low-light image quality.

As a result, the A99 II displays a notable improvement in its low-light performance compared to the original A99, achieving a higher low-light ISO score of 2317 ISO. The A99 II’s headline Landscape and Portrait scores haven’t progressed, but it still offers very solid results at base ISO and improved performance in the medium-to-high ISO sensitivities for color and dynamic range, thanks to that BSI sensor. This makes the Sony SLT A99 II a great choice for photographers after a high-resolution camera with good low-light performance.

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