GH5 to Feature new 20MP 4/3 Sensor

GH5 to Feature new 20MP 4/3 Sensor

With the proposed announcement date of January 4th rapidly approaching, we are beginning to hear more and more details of exactly what we can expect from Panasonic’s new mirrorless 4/3 flagship, the GH5.

The latest rumor to emerge suggests that the GH5 will feature a newly designed 20mp 4/3 sensor with no low-pass filter, and in body image stabilization. The source reporting the rumor also details the EVF and LCD resolutions, check it out below:

The GH5 has new 20mp without a low pass filter. 5 axis stabilization for lenses without any built in stabilization or will work with specific Panasonic lenses that have stabilization so giving both on body and on lens at the same time. 5.5. EVF is 3680 dots OLED. 21mm  x 0.76. Monitor is 3.2″ 1620k dots

If the rumor is truthful then it will be interesting to see how the new sensor performs without the low-pass filter, sharper images no doubt, but can Panasonic tune out the aliasing?

Stay tuned for more as January 4th approaches.

Via: 43R.

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