DJI to Release new 100 Megapixel Drone for NAB 2017!

DJI to Release new 100 Megapixel Drone for NAB 2017!

It looks like DJI’s acquisition of medium format stalwarts Hasselblad is going to reap great rewards for the drone industry, with the latest rumors suggesting that the company will be releasing a new drone at NAB this year featuring a 100 megapixel Hasselblad sensor.

The new drone will apparently be used to capture regulatory grade data, but the appearance of such a high resolution airborne imaging system, manufactured by a company who can only be described as an industry leader, could cause a revolution in the aerial mapping industry.

DJI are already the darlings of the consumer drone marketplace, with the Phantom 4 and the Mavic Pro selling like hot-cakes, perhaps it wont be long before they have conquered the industrial sector too!

Note from Mr White – I think there would also be a number of fine art landscape photographers with an eye on this too, so long as the sensor is the same 100MP Sony sensor from their medium format cameras. It would be unique to be able to offer aerial prints of that quality without the need for a helicopter.

Via: Drone U.