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How are Nikon Doing After the DL Debacle?

How are Nikon Doing After the DL Debacle?

It is no secret that the start of 2017 has not been kind to Nikon; The company has faced record losses forcing an extreme restructuring regime and also took the unprecedented decision to cancel an entire range of new cameras, the DL series after their announcement following manufacturing issues.

Nikon aren’t known a quitters though, and if recent interviews with executives are anything to go by then they intend to come back fighting. The interviews, widely published in Japan, highlighted the following key points for Nikon’s strategy moving forwards:

  • The Nikon camera business is undergoing a major restructuring.
  • This is a quote: “bringing in multiple mirrorless cameras at an early stage” – to me this means announcing multiple mirrorless cameras soon.
  • Nikon is taking an aggressive approach to rebuild their camera business.
  • Nikon has no plans for closing domestic or overseas manufacturing plants at the present time.
  • In the future Nikon will concentrate their resources on medium to high-end DSLR cameras and lenses as well as mirrorless cameras.
  • Nikon will have fewer models in the future.
  • Nikon still wants to develop a high-end compact camera.

It is no surprise to hear that Nikon intend to remain focused on their mid to high end DSLR’s in the future, but what is perhaps more exciting is what seems to be a commitment to finally tackling their lackluster performance (heres looking at you Nikon 1!)  in the mirrorless marketplace.

Let’s hope we finally see some APS-C mirrorless action from the big N! Come on Nikon, we know you have it in you!

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