Canon Continue to Develop Wireless Charging Technology for Cameras

Canon Continue to Develop Wireless Charging Technology for Cameras

Back in 2015 at the Canon Expo show Canon displayed a pre-production version of what was due to become the next generation of the Canon Connect Station. The new Connect Station caused quite a stir at the time because of its ability to charge a camera wirelessly, providing of course the camera in question was compatible with the system. Canon demonstrated the technology at the expo using a modified Rebel T6i and indeed the unit generate a lot of press interest, fast forward to 2017 however and the new Connect Station has still not yet been released.

Having all but given-up on the possibility of charging our Canon camera’s wirelessly, we are pleasantly surprised today to be able to share recently published documentation which shows that Canon may still be actively developing wireless charging technology:

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable control of an output destination of a power supplied from power feeding equipment so that communication and charging of a battery are performed normally.
SOLUTION: Electronic equipment of the present invention comprises: an antenna that receives a power wirelessly; a power controller that receives, stores, and distributes the power received by the antenna; a communication part that communicates with external equipment via the antenna; a switching part that switches paths from the antenna to the power controller and the communication part; and a drive part that operates by the power received by the antenna to drive the switching part. Here, an input impedance of the drive part seen from the antenna is higher than an input impedance at any one of the power controller side or the communication part side seen from the antenna.

Electric supply apparatus 100 which supplies electric power to the electronic device 200 on radio.

The camera (200) and charging pad (100) and a depiction of the two way flow of data and one way flow of power.

The patent document in question suggests that Canon may indeed still be working on implementing a viable wireless charging system in the form of a new wireless charging and data transfer accessory, this could perhaps even be a production version of the new Connect Station shown in 2015:

In recent years, the wireless feed system containing the electric supply apparatus which has a primary coil for [ wireless ] coming out and outputting electric power as an antenna without connecting physically by a connector, and the electronic device which has a secondary coil for [ wireless ] coming out and winning popularity for the electric power supplied from electric supply apparatus as an antenna is known. The wireless feed system which also performs communication with the antenna using the antenna in addition to the transfer of power of wireless electric supply is known.

The coils which transmit the power signal are labeled 201 in this diagram of the proposed wireless charging system.

The charging station of course is only half of the wireless charging equation, it remains to be seen exactly how and where in their camera line up Canon will choose to implement the technology if they indeed choose to do so.

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