Hasselblad Announce the Development of Four New XCD Lenses

Hasselblad Announce the Development of Four New XCD Lenses

The mirrorless medium format arms race is officially on with Fuji and Hasselblad going head to head with the GFX 50s and X1D 50C respectively, and today Hassleblad are firing shots in the form of a roadmap detailing development of their XCD lens format.

The newly announced lenses are as follows:

  • Hasselblad XCD 120mm Macro lens
  • Hasselblad XCD 35-75mm zoom lens
  • Hasselblad XCD 65mm lens
  • Hasselblad XCD 22mm wide angle lens

The 120mm macro will be the first to land, followed within the next 12 months by the remaining three lenses.

The announcement of development of the new lenses is a shrewd move by Hasselblad who will be keen to prevent potential X1D adopters from jumping ship to Fuji’s system which already has a roadmap detailing 6 lens units. The 22mm wide angle lens is probably the most interesting here as it is surely a sign from Hasselblad that the X1D can hold its own as a landscape camera, and is a direct answer to Fuji’s development of a GF 23mm lens.

Check out the current XCD lineup at the following link: