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GFX 50S Added to DPReview Studio Test Scene

GFX 50S Added to DPReview Studio Test Scene

DPReview have added the new Fuji GFX 50S mirrorless medium format mirrorless camera to their studio test scene, and whilst the results are impressive it would appear that the new camera from Fuji isn’t quite as far ahead as some were hoping.

There is only a negligible difference in overall image quality between the GFX and the Canon 5Ds R, and a close peek at the test scene would appear to show that the 5Ds R actually beats the GFX in the image corners. This of course is probably down to the GFX‘s lens but the Canon is only mounted with the relatively cheap EF 85mm F1.8!

Where the GFX does score a big win over the 5Ds R is in ISO performance, not a surprise given the overall difference in pixel size, but the Pentax 645Z and Sony a7rII do come close to matching the GFX’s performance. Check out the full article HERE.

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