And the Cost of Switching to the Sony A9 Is……

And the Cost of Switching to the Sony A9 Is……

It is no secret that the arrival of the super powerful Sony Alpha A9 has ruffled a few feathers in the camera world with many hailing it as the beginning of the end for professional DSLR cameras; Whilst it is clear that the A9 is an extremely capable camera the truth of whether or not we will be seeing a mass exodus of professional photographers from the likes of  Nikon and Canon is a little more complicated….

DPReview have calculated the cost for a professional sports photographer to move from a DSLR to the Sony A9 and it looks like you can expect to shell out at least $10,000 in order to walk away with a workable Sony setup.

The four photojournalists we spoke with all seemed intrigued by what it offers, though. Whether they’d actually considering switching is another story.

Sony is pushing deep into territory previously only inhabited by Canon and Nikon and it is only a matter of time before making the switch to mirrorless doesn’t seem so crazy – even for pro sports shooters. Then again, the camera is only one part of the equation. A 20 fps bursts with continuous AF and no black out seems nice, but if you don’t have the right glass for the job, that spec won’t get you far.

There is no doubt that the A9 is extremely exciting, it will surely force the likes of Canon and Nikon to come up with their own professional grade mirrorless cameras, but many photographers already invested in a system will simply not make the switch for financial reasons. Will the A9 dent DSLR sales? Absolutely. Will it halt them completely? No chance, Canon and Nikon simply have too much quality glass on sale backed up by tried and tested DSLR systems. Sony are making waves, but they aren’t drowning the DSLR……..yet.

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