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No Canon EOS 6D Mark II This Year…… Or EVER!?

No Canon EOS 6D Mark II This Year…… Or EVER!?

There is a new rumor doing the rounds today suggesting that a source who has been correct in the past has thinks that Canon will not be releasing the EOS 6D Mark II this year, or ever. The rumor cites the lack of solid information on Canon’s new DSLR as evidence and goes on to suggest that Canon may instead be preparing to release the rumored full frame mirrorless camera which got so much coverage last year.

I am personally not even going to be on the fence about this one, I think the 6D Mark II is still coming and what we are seeing here is the first instance of what I am going to call ‘The A9 Effect’:

The Sony A9 just killed the DSLR so why would any self-respecting manufacturer want to release such an archaic piece of photography equipment?

There are still plenty of photographers out there who want an affordable, up-to-date ticket to the EF lens collection, and plenty of photographers who still possess the upper body strength to heft a DSLR around all day without requiring a visit to the physio afterwards (I know I know, DSLR vs mirrorless isn’t as simple as that but let’s have some fun here!).

So when can we expect the 6D Mark II to land? Canon has a history of announcing key new photography releases in August or September in time for Photokina, so I think we are going to see a lot new information appearing throughout the summer months.

As for the mirrorless full frame camera, it has to happen one day but until Canon can figure out how to attach EF lenses to it I think we are going to have to keep waiting.

Via: CW.

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