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Major Firmware Update for E-M1 II Announced

Major Firmware Update for E-M1 II Announced

Olympus have announced a major firmware update for the E-M1 II today, the update includes a number of fixes and improvements aimed at correcting key issues identified by users:

  • Improved color reproduction of EVF.
  • Corrected the issue of other brand flashes not flashing for High Res Shot, Focus Bracketing, and Focus Stacking.
  • Corrected issue of Rec View screen not displaying in the rear monitor when using EVF to shoot photos.
  • Corrected issue of home position of AF target not being retained when the power is turned off.
  • Improved stability of the battery level indicator.
  • Improved noise reduction of sequential shooting while the lens’s IS is on.
  • Flash controllers manufactured by Profoto are supported.

You can download the new firmware HERE.

Check out the E-M1 II at the following links:

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