Canon Cinema EOS C200 On the Way!

Canon Cinema EOS C200 On the Way!

We were a little disappointed not to see a new Cinema EOS camera from Canon at NAB this year, and given that the show is the usual time for such announcements, we had pretty much lost all hope of seeing a new cinema camera from the manufacturer this year at all. Strangely however the latest rumor from camp Canon suggests that we could actually see a new Cinema EOS camera in the very near future.

The camera in question has been dubbed the Cinema EOS c200 and is rumored to be a 4k capable cinema body. Other specifications are not forthcoming but the source has helpfully stated that the camera is “pretty loaded”. The expected timeframe for announcement will be June or July with shipping happening within the following couple of months.

Interestingly in is unclear if the c200 is the long awaited replacement for the c100 or if it is a new entry to the Cinema EOS lineup. Strange release timing aside this is certainly good news for cinema camera fans!

Stay Tuned!

Via: CR .