Panasonic Unveil the AU-EVA1 5.7K EF-Mount Cine Camera…. For under $8,000!

Panasonic Unveil the AU-EVA1 5.7K EF-Mount Cine Camera…. For under $8,000!

Well Canon may be feeling a little sheepish today! Having announced the Cinema EOS C200 a couple of days ago they appeared to be sitting pretty, kings of the EF-mount cinema castle, and then along come Panasonic and spoil the party by announcing the AU-EVA1. Check out the specs below:

  • 5.7K sensor
  • Super 35mm-sized sensor
  • 4K, UHD and HD at 60p
  • 240 frames per second 2K and HD
  • EF-mount
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • ND filter wheel in 2, 4, and 6 stops plus IR filter
  • Dual Native ISO
  • V-Log/V-Gamut
  • Under $8,000 US

Now read that last point one more time, all those features and 10bit 4:2:2 encoding for UNDER $8,000. If this thing performs then bringing that much pro-level functionality at this price point is quite a feat. The dual ISO feature is a trickle down from Panasonic’s VARICAM pro cinema cameras allowing extended sensitivity without adding noice to resulting footage and the AU-EVA1 is color matched to both the GH5 and the VARICAM units for ease of post processing between platforms, all good stuff!

The final price for the  AU-EVA1 hasn’t been confirmed but the body only will cost under $8,000. Units are expected to ship this fall so stay tuned for pre-order information once it become available. I think Pansonic may have a hit on their hands, and Canon may well be feeling ever so slightly red faced; surely some potential C200 buyers will feel like it will be worth saving a little more and investing in the  AU-EVA1 instead!

Check out the AU-EVA1 at B&H Photo!


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