New Rumor Hints at a Plethora of New G-Mount Lenses!

New Rumor Hints at a Plethora of New G-Mount Lenses!

A new leak by a highly trusted source has given us our first potential glimpse into the future of the G-mount lens system for the Fuji GFX beyond the company’s official lens roadmap. The source, who currently maintains 100% accuracy on all things G-mount and GFX says to expect the following in the near future:

Yes, GFX 80mm F/1.4 is coming but also
GFX 180mm F/3.5,
GFX 30 mm F/2.8  or  GFX 35 mm F/2.8
GFX 20-40 mm  F/ 4 or 4.5
GFX 80-180 mm  F/ 4 or 4.5
GFX Tilt -Shift 30mm or GFX Tilt- Shift 35mm F/???  are coming.

Not a bad list of glass right there! If the rumor is correct then the G-mount system looks set to become quite a collection!

Via: FR.

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