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So What Does Nikon Have Planned for Their 100th Anniversary?

So What Does Nikon Have Planned for Their 100th Anniversary?

It may not have escaped your notice that Nikon will be turning 100 this month and despite facing financial hardships it sounds like the company is still planning ahead and looking forward new releases in the future.

French photography magazine ‘Chasseurs d’Images’ have published an interview with Benoit Dieuleveult, President of Nikon France in which he details what the company are currently focusing on, and the reasoning behind some key decisions from the last 12 months. It makes interesting reading. Below is a translation of the key points from the interview:


  • Nikon did not stop producing the D810 camera
  • Nikon has plenty “good quality sensors”
  • They stopped the DL cameras because they were late (too late to stay competitive)
  • There will be important Nikon products release soon
  • They are working on a small camera to compete with smartphones
  • Nikon will not quit the camera business and they are spending a lot of money on research and development.
  • Regarding the Nikon D820, an excellent advice to everyone: “Mais il vous faudra encore un tout petit peu de patience pour avoir plus de details!” (You must have a bit of patience for more details)
  • Regarding Coolpix camera: “R&D effort is geared toward markets with the greatest potential, which is the reason for significantly reducing the Coolpix product line”
  • Regarding 100th anniversary: “As for all good celebrations, let us keep the moment of surprise!”

I am curious to see how the ‘small camera to compete with smartphones’ develops, I personally can’t see a market for it; no one really wants to carry around two devices unless one is significantly more powerful or fashionable than the other. With the DL series canned and the Key Mission cameras proving to be anything but a success story it would be frustrating to see the company make another bad decision.

Anyway, I’ll give Nikon the benefit of the doubt for now! Here’s looking forward to the D820 and some birthday celebrations!

Stay tuned for more Nikon news as it becomes available!

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