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First Glimpse of the D850 Appears

First Glimpse of the D850 Appears

Following Nikon’s announcement of the development of the D850 DSLR yesterday we now have what appears to be our first glimpse of Nikon’s new camera. The picture in question appears in one of Nikon Europe’s marketing banners, and shows the viewfinder hump of camera that uses a distinctive design not seen before on a Nikon DSLR. Importantly it is completely different in appearance to the hump on the D810 so we are almost certainly looking at a prototype, or mock-up of the D850.

The D850 will be capable of capturing 8K time lapse videos, that could be pretty mega! Let’s wait and see.

B&H have their page for the D850 up already, so be sure to take a look HERE.

Via: NR.

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