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Are Fuji Still working on an XF 200mm F/2?

Are Fuji Still working on an XF 200mm F/2?

Rumors of an XF 200mm f/2 lens started way back in March of 2016, and there has been on-again off-again speculation ever since as to whether Fuji would be planning on bring such a lens to market. There is certainly demand for one and indeed some rumors suggest that Fuji may have tested formula for both a 200mm f/2 and a 200mm f/2.8, with an eye on choosing one to become a retail ready product. We know there is a telephoto prime lens on the XF roadmap for 2018, and the latest rumors once again lend us to believe that this will be an 200mm f/2. Given that we know the ‘telephoto prime’ wont be announced until next year it is possible we may now not hear much news for a while, but we will keep our ears wide open for more news!

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