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The Canon High-End Mirrorless Rumor Rolls On

The Canon High-End Mirrorless Rumor Rolls On

Its about time we had another Canon high-end mirrorless rumor to get our teeth into because its been what, 2 weeks since the last one? Okay, okay I get it, the rumors won’t go away until Canon actually release a high end mirrorless camera (why they haven’t yet is beyond me, Sony are making them look a little short in the semi-pro/pro mirrorless marketplace) but alas it sounds like that wont be anytime soon. Apparently Canon have displayed an internal roadmap at a recent presentation which loosely slated such a camera for a Q4 2018 release; I’ll be grey by then, so it better handle whites appropriately. Interestingly the roadmap is said to have been devoid of any lenses for the future camera, so perhaps Canon are finally going to overcome the engineering issues of mounting EF lenses on a full frame mirrorless body. We will only have to wait about 16 months to find out!

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