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Canon EOS Rebel T7 (1400D) Passes Certification

Canon EOS Rebel T7 (1400D) Passes Certification

Canon seems to be on a roll when it comes to producing entry level cameras this year! The latest to pass wireless certification is assumed to be the EOS Rebel T7 (1400D) which will no doubt be replpacing the Rebel T6:

DS 126701

  • Taiwan NCC (pdf) · America FCC
  • Digital camera
  • Wi-Fi installed
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Size (Measured value of sample machine): W 129.0 mm × H 101.6 mm × D 77.1 mm
  • Fixed liquid crystal

Expect the new camera to arrive in a couple of months time, probably with Canon’s 24.2MP DPAF sensor on board, they will be hoping to shift these by the dozen come Christmas time!

Via: Nokishita.

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