DPReview Test the 6D Mark II

DPReview Test the 6D Mark II

DPReview have released their through review of Canon’s new full frame camera, the EOS 6D Mark II and sadly for Canon it isn’t the glowing review they will be hoping for. It isn’t that the 6D II is a bad camera, it just isn’t as good as some of the competition. Still, if EF lenses are what you have, or want then the 6D Mark II is over all still a good choice. Check out the full review HERE.

It’s true that every objective specification of the 6D Mark II has been improved upon when compared with its predecessor, while the release price has remained the same. Unfortunately, unless you’re a die-hard Canon user with an investment in glass and you just need an affordable backup body, it’s difficult to look past all that competing cameras have to offer…..

… As it should be, the EOS 6D II is a better camera than its predecessor in every way. With plenty of resolution, respectable burst shooting speeds and pleasing Canon color, it’s a camera that’s capable of producing great images in a variety of situations. Despite this, it is simply overshadowed by competition that is made up of more capable cameras at similar or lower prices.

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