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Fujifilm Have Registered a New X-H Camera System!

Fujifilm Have Registered a New X-H Camera System!

Something interesting is going on over at camp Fuji this week, the firm have gone ahead and registered a Trademark for a new camera system! The description for the system, named X-H reads as follows:

Digital cameras; lenses for digital cameras; digital camera flashes; cases adapted for digital cameras; straps for digital cameras; image sensors for digital cameras.

It is unclear at this stage if X-H is just a working name for something that will be revised at a future date, or if we will be seeing an X-H1 or something similar but it is nevertheless an exciting prospect. It could be a while before we see anymore action on this one from Fuji, but we will be keeping out ears close to the ground!

Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

Via: PR.


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