Profoto A1 Hotshoe Speedlight on the Way?

Profoto A1 Hotshoe Speedlight on the Way?

We believe that Profoto is getting ready to announce a new small flash called the A1. They have recently been teasing a new kind of product, first reported by, and now a French Profoto dealer appears to have added a page to their site (since removed) which references an A1 flash. Sadly the content was not cached by Google in time for us to get a closer look.

Our own investigations show us that the presumed product page for the A1 on the Profoto website sends you to a login page:

If you try to pick a random page URL on the Profoto website you get sent to a generic 404 page as you would expect, which suggests that there is indeed content on the A1 page that is currently being protected by a password.

Based on the nomenclature of the A1 name, it seems logical that this would be a product which is much smaller than the B2, so perhaps some sort of small hotshoe flash.

UPDATE: A few more tidbits of information are now known. The flash is indeed a hotshoe flash with a 76w/s power rating which is pretty standard for a flash of this size. Equivalent, roughy, to something like a Canon 600EX or a Nikon SB900. From what we are hearing, it has a round front to the flash head, instead of the typical rectangular one that is normally seen on flashes of this size. There seems to be some confusion about the battery which I haven’t been able to clear up yet. It’s a lithium-ion battery, but it’s not clear if it’s removable (I hope it is, that would be unspeakably dumb if it wasn’t). The flash has TTL and HSS, and can be used as a master or a slave in an AirTTL system with other Profoto flashes. Expect the flash to be at least $1000 at launch!

If anyone has any further details they would care to share anonymously with us, please use the contact form!

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