CONFIRMED: Full Profoto A1 Photos and Specs Leaked

CONFIRMED: Full Profoto A1 Photos and Specs Leaked

A couple of days ago we speculated that Profoto were about to launch a new flash called the A1, based on a page that was added to a French Profoto dealer’s website. We guessed, based on the A1 name, that the product was a smaller flash than the B2. I wasn’t able to pull the cached version of the French page  after it was taken down, but thankfully the folks at picked up the mantle and continued on where my technical skills failed. Not only did they manage to grab the full cached page, they also found a second product page that had all the images you could hope for of the upcoming Profoto A1 speedlight – hat tip, fellas.

  • TTL & Manual control
  • Power : 76Ws
  • 1.2 Second recycle time
  • 360 full power flashes on a full battery
  • 80 minute battery charge time
  • 9 stop adjustable power (down to 1/256th)
  • Supports High Speed Sync
  • LED modelling light
  • Weight 560g

I have examined the photos quite closely and I believe the li-ion battery pack is the front section of the flash. There does appear to be a small catch for releasing the battery. Announcement should come on Monday September 18th (tomorrow). One thing that Profoto have been good at in the past is simultaneously launching a set of compatible lighting modifiers with new products. Expect to see something similar for the A1 in the form of grids, a snoot and maybe barn doors. I would also expect there to be some sort of adapter to use the modifiers for the B2 series products.

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