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EOS M1 Rumors are Back!

EOS M1 Rumors are Back!

Following Nikon’s admission last week that they are working on a full frame mirrorless camera aimed at professional photographers, Canon are now the only one of the ‘big three’ who have remained tight lipped on the subject. We all know Sony’s capabilities, the A9 is the first mirrorless camera to come close to pro DSLR performance, Nikon’s effort should land next year, but Canon remain silent, officially at least. But with Nikon choosing to show at least some of their hand, Canon must now surely follow suit. There can be no doubt that the firm are working on a full frame mirrorless camera, and the pressure is on to be the company that offers a viable alternative to Sony’s cameras, so something has to give.

The current hot industry trend is development announcements, they are the the carrot camera manufacturers can dangle in front of the masses to maintain enthusiasm and excitement for future products without actually having to announce anything. I feel an that is a bandwagon we might see canon jumping on soon too, an EOS M1 development announcement!

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