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Canon Working on THREE Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras?

Canon Working on THREE Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras?

Speculation about Canon’s entry into the full frame mirrorless market has been rife since Nikon officially announced their intent enter the segment last month, and if the latest news is to believed then Canon are currently testing three new cameras.

The first is believed to be the long awaited FF mirrorless with a native EF mount, the camera would be the first of it’s kind, using DSLR lenses on a mirrorless body. This is what some are calling the EOS M1 and is expected to arrive for Photokina 2018.

The Second camera is believed to use an altered EF-M mount, on a smaller body. Which whilst plausible would mean Canon would have to introduce a whole new line of lenses.

The third is rumored to be a FF fixed lens camera, call it the ultimate point and shoot, a direct answer to Sony’s RX1R II Perhaps?.

Whilst the first of the trio is expected to arrive next year, it seems unlikely that we will see the latter two cameras until very late 2018 or 2019 at least.

Via: CR. 

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