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Don’t Expect Huge MP Gains From the Next 5DS

Don’t Expect Huge MP Gains From the Next 5DS

Although we are told an announcement is a long way away, small nuggets of information on Canon’s next 5DS based camera have begun to appear recently. The latest states that we shouldn’t expect the next camera in the lineup to be a megapixel monster, in fact it is unlikely that the Mark II will out perform its predecessor by any more than 10%. This would mean that the 5DS or 5Ds R Mark II will have a roughly 55MP sensor. If this is the case then overall image quality, speed, and dynamic range will surely be the headlining features of the new camera.

It is a shame we will have to wait until late 2018 at the least to find out but as always, stay tuned!

Via: CR. 

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