Panasonic Ambassador Spills the G9 Beans!

Panasonic Ambassador Spills the G9 Beans!

A Panasonic brand ambassador has spilled the beans on what is likely to be the next big release from Panasonic, the G9. In an obviously intentional social media post the ambassador let slip that the G7 replacement will feature the following:

• 80MP shooting mode (using stitching presumably).
• Stitch 6 images together to produce a 1GB file.
• 60 frame burst (at least).
• Large buffer size.
• Available after Christmas.

The post was quickly removed, but the cat is now officially (pun intended) out of the bag. Following the initial leak other sources have also claimed that the G9 will be cheaper than the GH5, feature 4k 60P recording and have a top-plate mounted LCD screen. All this of course remains to be seen.

Stay tuned.

Via: 43R, MR.

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