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Fujo X-H1 Will go Toe to Toe With the A7 and GH5

Fujo X-H1 Will go Toe to Toe With the A7 and GH5

Fuji’s mysterious X-H1 has been a hot topic this last few weeks, and further details have surfaced which claim the camera will be a hybrid (hence the H!) stills and video camera, aimed squarely at the likes of the GH5 and the A7.

The X-H1 will also feature IBIS, which makes sense, and be sized somewhere between the X-T2 and the GFX 50s. A source who has been accurate in the past has shared the following information about the camera:

X-H1 will be shipped at February 2018

There is a exposure compensation button instead of exposure compensation Dial (like GFX50)

There is Sub Monochrome LCD Monitor,   displays main settings  (like GFX50s)

X-H1 have much bigger and deeper hand grip, so size of X-H1 will be  between X-T2 and GFX50s.

X-H will have different processor, very fast

Right now, some X photographers are testing X-H1 camera

İt will be dust and weather-resistant body too. As Everybody knows, İt is a IBIS camera.

İt is a camera for both videographers and photographers. Fujifilm says “ both of videographers and photographers will be satisfied”

İt is a Hybrid Camera

And price there will be between 1900$ and 2200$

If the X-H1 really is coming in February then expect some serious leakage very soon!

Via: FA.

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