ePhotozine Review the G9

ePhotozine Review the G9

ePhotozine have concluded their review of the Panasonic Lumix G9 and walk away very impressed with the new 4/3 beast from the Japanese firm. The only slight bugbear is the price; The G9 is firmly in the ‘Pro’ price bracket. With performance to match however I am sure this one will find a home in the gear bags of a lot of happy shooters!

The price of the Panasonic Lumix G9 puts it in to the professional area of the market, rather than enthusiastic amateur, and this could put some buyers off. However, there will be those that have the money and are happy to spend it on the camera, once the range of features available has been taken into consideration.

Noise performance is very good up to ISO3200, and it’ll be down to your own image needs whether you want to shoot at ISO6400. Colour reproduction is very pleasing, with good JPEG images produced straight out of the camera, with little or no need for additional editing. This will be particularly beneficial if you’re using one of the high speed shooting modes, as it will help speed up your workflow.

You can shoot at up to 60fps, using the electronic shutter, or up to 20fps with continuous AF, however, the camera will only take 50 photos before it stops shooting. If you shoot using the mechanical shutter, you can shoot at 12fps, and can take an impressive 600 photos! We were also impressed with the camera’s rapid and accurate focus for both fast moving subjects, and portraits.

The Panasonic Lumix G9, is one of the fastest shooting cameras available, and is available at a very competitive price point, being around £300 less than the E-M1 Mark II. If you need this kind of speed, or want to try it, then there’s not much that comes close to the performance of these two cameras. The G9 is also great to use, with the controls and menus neatly arranged, making it quick and easy to change settings, so that you don’t having to spend time studying the manual. The top LCD screen means you can quickly see your camera settings without having to hold the camera in front of you

Check out the full review HERE and grab a G9 from the following links:

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