More X-H1 Sketches Emerge

More X-H1 Sketches Emerge

Two new sketched purporting to show an accurate depiction of forthcoming Fuji X-H1 have emerged today. Today the artist gives us a look at the top and the back plate of the rumored hybrid camera from Fuji that we expect to be launched early next year. I’m still giving these a sprinkling of salt, the smack a little too much of an artistic hedging of bets but you never know!


The X-H1 is expected to be a 24 MP video/stills hybrid aimed at the likes of the Panasonic GH5, and it will supposedly be the first X-mount camera to feature in body IS (5-axis). I’ll be happy to concede when and if real pictures emerge but for now this is still just a rumor.

Via: FR.

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