DxOMark Review the Leica M10

DxOMark Review the Leica M10

DxOMark have completed their test of the Leica M10. The retro styled digital rangefinder walks away with a respectable 86, although it is held back by ‘odd’ color and dynamic range behaviour. Overall the folks at DxO liken it’s overall image quality as being in line with the best A-PSC cameras, but somewhat behind it’s full frame competitors:

For pure sensor performance, the Leica M10’s 24Mp CMOS chip is in the same ballpark as recent Leica full-frame chips. Its odd behaviour for both color and dynamic range is worth looking out for, and it’s fair to say that although sensor quality is good, it could be improved with better implementation. Compared to the top-performing full-frame sensors we’ve tested, the M10 lags a little behind at base ISO and throughout the sensitivity range, with image quality more in line with the best APS-C chips. So better image quality is available and the M10 isn’t cheap, but first-class engineering that meets the Leica standard never is. However, a digital camera with similar proportions to analog M cameras will be hugely appealing to Leica enthusiasts. Add to that compatibility with almost all Leica lenses ever made, as well as its simplicity of operation, and the M10 will be an attractive proposition to those who appreciate the quality of the Leica system.

Check out the Leica M10 at the following links:

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