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DPReview on the Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III

DPReview on the Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III

DPReview have finished their review of Canon’s flagship Powershot camera, the G1 X Mark III. Sadly this time around it looks like Canon have dropped the ball. The G1 X Mark III simply does not stack up to the competition:

And yet – I find it hard to imagine myself recommending the G1 X III to anyone in particular. Sony’s options are less user-friendly, but offer far more speed and video options. Perhaps most crucially, Canon’s own G7 X Mark II offers similar speed, smaller size, better battery life and comparable (if not better) image quality in most situations besides daylight landscapes. Also, it’s considerably less expensive.

The PowerShot G1 X III is absolutely capable of fantastic photos, but the compromises made – specifically regarding its lens and battery – hold it back too much for us to recommend it wholeheartedly over a vast number of competitors in the marketplace.

I’m sure people will still buy the G1 X Mark III, but it seems their reasoning may be based on brand loyalty, rather than out and out performance.

Check out the G1 X III at the following links:

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