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DPReview Test the Panasonic G9

DPReview Test the Panasonic G9

DPReview have completed their review of the new Panasonic G9, and walk away extremelty impressed with the new mirrorless 4/3 powerhouse:

Ultimately, we gave the EM-1 II a gold award, but the G9 walks home with a silver. Here’s why: though the two are equally competitive, the Panasonic is playing catch-up to a camera released more than a year ago. And just being competitive is not enough to earn our top mark. But it is still certainly worth your consideration.

DPReview think the G9 is ‘one of the most balanced mirrorless cameras’ out there, but it just misses the prestigious Gold Award by a whisker. Check out the G9 at the following links:

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